Funeral procession route found

I have been looking for this location thinking it was near to the cemetery that was used at the end of episode 4. The tree-lined road leading up to the cemetery certainly looked the same. However, none of the mountains in the background matched.

At the same time, nothing in Fourni seems to match the actual central village area where Haldane, Annika and Viglis park up, the restaurant where Haldane and Annika have lunch, or where the fight happens. The church where Annika was christened is certainly in Fourni, but the other parts of Dafnai weren’t filmed in Fourni in my opinion.

I started looking further afield around the Lasithi region and happened upon a matching mountain range, that I thought looked interesting. Part of it looked like it might match the Dafnai village, but travelling through Google Street View, it was apparent that the mountain ranges matched the procession route instead! Check this location out – it’s on the episode 4 page. The village in question is called Hamilon and is to the west of Ayios Nikolaos.

What is strange to me is that they didn’t just use the roads leading up to the actual cemetery. If I have the opportunity to ask any of the crew about why this area was used, I will.

Still, one more location ticked off the list!

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