Episode 8 – “The Daughters of Themis”

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Synopsis: The series concludes with Haldane wanting revenge on Matheos Noukakis, Katerina Matakis getting her just desserts and Annika finding out the whole truth about Alan and her sister.

From the previous episode, we see a repeat of the FIAT crash.

Major Krasakis visits Haldane, Babis and Annika at her house to tell them the bad news.

Annika, Babis and Haldane accompany Major Krasakis to the crash site. Notice, as the Land Rover comes round the bend, that there is also a slip-road to the left of it.

This is the bend above.

The below screenshots are the biggest clues as to the post-crash location, as well as the above bend.

Take a look at the screenshot below. Notice the line of the horizon. We’re now on the OTHER side of Neapolis, looking north-west, back towards the mountains that they were driving around.

This is beside the village of Vryses. In the below Google Street View, check out the outline of the mountains in the distance, Neapolis in the centre, the ridge to the left and especially the village on the left from the screenshot below.

When the FIAT comes to rest after its’ fall, we see this village in the background. This is Vryses, which is south-east of Neapolis. The buildings closest to the camera are also visible in street view. The green building is actually set back from the one to the left of it, and is on the other side of the road that runs between them.

Note the windows in the buildings circled below. They match exactly! So the scene must have been shot down this side of the mountain, and the scene where Annika, Babis and Haldane arrive on the bend near the crash site is accurate.

This gives you a broader picture of the crash locations.

Matheos goes to see Katerina Matakis to confirm he’s done his job of disposing of Alan Haldane. Again, this scene was filmed at the Kremasta Monastery.

Whilst he’s there, Babis and Annika turn up to tell her the bad news, and the shock causes a severe stroke. Matheos makes a swift exit.

The FIAT is recovered from the mountainside. This is the actual car driven throughout the series.

In the screen grab above, the mountain to the right of the crane is the same one in the street view above. The arrow points to the same peak.

Matheos makes a run for the hills with his brother.

“Are you going hunting, Matheos?” ask the old men

A resident of Neapolis tells me that this is the following location, a cafe on Ethnikis Antistasis Street.

He turns left out of Ethnikis Antistasis Street onto the square. This is, of course, Neapoli.

In this Street View, I’ve tried to catch the side road he turns out of, and the building in the background.

The building in the background is a beautiful example of Bauhaus architecture. Built in the inter-war years as the Neapoli Club, in the 50s it became the Diktaion Hotel. Nowadays it houses the Offices of the Holy Metropolis.

Taken by the famous Greek photographer Kostis Papamitsakis – the Diktaion Hotel in 1951

He passes the Panagia Church in Neapolis, on the same road that Haldane, Annika and Kingsley / Neve did in episode 6.

He goes to pick up his brother.

“I need help, I am in trouble, you could be too”, says Matheos to his brother

Haldane reflects on Elena’s last words, which were about him being like a father to them.

The doctor tells Annika and Babis his analysis of her mother’s situation – she’s had a severe stroke. Annika tells Babis to pass by Haldane’s apartment and check up on him. Babis finds him asleep drunk on the sofa.

Babis visits Major Krasakis. The Major tells him that the FIAT was inspected by the vehicle section, and they found that the brakes had been tampered with.

Babis and the Major visit Haldane. This shot is of both the Police Land Rover and Babis’ BMW on the waters’ edge behind the taverna, with Kalydon in the background. The steps that Elena sat on in an earlier episode are visible behind the BMW’s rear windscreen.

They tell him the brakes had been tampered with, and that Matheos was responsible. He was last seen in Kato Asites.

Without the Major in the room, Haldane subsequently tells Babis what he needs – a weapon. Revenge is already on his mind, for Matheos has taken his family away from him just as they had finally professed their love and caring for him, and everything was starting to fall into place.

Babis and the Major discuss the pact that was found. This is alongside the taverna at the bottom of the steps as we’ve seen many times before. The 2 men are going down the steps to return to their cars that are parked there.

Meanwhile, Annika gets an update from the doctor, then she goes through her mother’s documents. She finds the letters from Melina and Haldane to one another, and pieces the story together.

Haldane prepares himself to avenge the deaths.

Babis mentions Matheos and his brother were last seen near Vistagi. Haldane tells Babis he’s going alone.

This looks to be slightly further down the road from Theologos.

If you turn the Street View around to face Kritsa, the mountains behind Babis in the first screenshot match (if you zoom in to the mountain in question, to mimic the telephoto foreshortening).

Annika confronts Babis to ask him whether he knew about the letters and the relationship between Haldane and her sister. He sheepishly admits knowing the truth, and then proceeds to tell her the whole story – of Elena being his daughter and Alexi being his grandson.

Matheos and his brother start to flee into the mountains…

…but are seen by a resident. The building in the background looks to be Ayios Ioannis Theologos church – the frontage of the church is very distinctive. Note the door and the grey box next to it behind the man in the following screen grab. This is used again when Haldane is chasing the brothers.

Annika lights a candle for her family and Alan at the Moni Kera Kardiotissas Monastery. Haldane visited the same location in the first episode.

This photo from the Hersonissos website shows the same part of the church Annika was stood at.

This is the exterior of the church as seen nowadays – taken from Google images.

To mimic her movements in this scene, turn right out of the door she exited and right again. This gives you the view below and the next views of the mountains if you face to your left, as Annika does below. The courtyard seen in episode 1 is visible in the background.

She turns around at the same place, and glances up at the mountains and wonders whether Haldane is there. This is the view looking west out to the mountains.

The following shot (intended to show her looking up to the mountains) is just the same camera angle as above, albeit extensively zoomed in.

The red rectangle is the above zoomed-in section.

Haldane stops by a village on his search for the Noukakis brothers, where the resident from a previous scene tells him where they went. This is again outside the Ayios Ioannis Theologos church, as above. The grey box and the door proving the same location as before.

Babis then takes a phone call in his office, to say the brothers are in Lefka Ori. He also gets a visit from Major Krasakis, who is also trying to gauge whether Haldane (and Babis himself) is going after them.

The scene cuts to Annika, who is reading the letters Haldane and Melina sent to each other.

Matheos and his brother shoot Georgios Kaladis and they’ve been seen near Kalogerado.

The grandmothers mourn Georgios’ passing.

Haldane is given a knife with which to revenge the death of Georgios. I believe this whole chase sequence from beginning to end was filmed in and around Kritsa.

“I’ll do it!”

The dialogue here is rather strange however, because Lefka Ori and Kalogerado are farther west than Anogia (which is mentioned later on), so they wouldn’t go that far west then come back on themselves. Someone got their geography mixed up!

Matheos and his brother are spotted by the resident of a village in the mountains. He gets his son to relay a message to Babis.

Matheos and his brother reach the cave – their hideout.

Babis rounds up his troops outside a church.

Panagia Kera (to the east of Kritsa) certainly seems to fit the screenshots above. It looks like this sequence was filmed at the rear of the church.

The attributes of the Google photo below also bear many similarities. The steeple and cross, the pair of trees in front of the church, and the mountains in the background. The angled buttresses are also (barely) noticeable in that scene.

If we look at the other photos, we can see the wall that Babis jumps down from.

The below Google Images shot shows the scene. The clearing that Babis is stood in is at the rear of the church to the east of it. The road on that side is where the other Andartes are gathered. The arrow shows the direction in which the Land Rovers and Major Krasakis approach from.

Babis also mentions Anogia to Major Krasakis, who is already aware of this fact.

Haldane closes in on Matheos and his brother. He passes below this mountain ridge.

…as Babis and his friends accompany the Major to the hills.

The Police and Andartes drive along this mountain road. This is just to the south of Kritsa.

The old man waits for Haldane and Babis to inform him of Matheos’ whereabouts.

Matheos spots Haldane closing in and gets ready to engage him.

The Police and the Andartes also close in.

Haldane nears the cave.

The old man tells the Police where everyone else is.

“Let’s go. Follow me!”

Haldane spots the cave and decides his next step.

He decides to strafe the cave entrance to flush the brothers out.

A gunshot rings out and the Major turns to face the direction that the sound came from.

The shootout begins. Haldane shoots Matheos’ brother, and Matheos shoots Haldane. Haldane is about to throw a knife at Matheos, which was given to him earlier by the old lady, but Major Krasakis delivers the fatal shot to Matheos. All 3 men lie on the ground.

Haldane is still alive and taken to hospital.

Annika, now knowing her mother was behind all the trouble, visits her to give her what for, then leaves for good as she’s done irreparable damage to the whole family.

This is the other side of the door she’s just walked through. This is the Kremasta Monastery in Vryses.

Kremasta Monastery near Neapolis / Vryses

Annika visits Haldane in hospital.

Venizeleio Hospital in Heraklion near Knossos

Someone posted a video of this hospital on YouTube.

Notice the entrance at 18 seconds in, it’s exactly the same. Also check the close-up of the entrance on 1 min 11 seconda, again exactly the same, and also shows the internal white doors in greater detail than can be seen in the screenshot above. The poster of the video asked what hospital this is – someone said it’s Venizeleio Hospital in Heraklion, close to Knossos.

It certainly looks like the place – even though the hospital has a more modern entrance now.

She tells Haldane that she knows the whole story, and to rest.

“That was yesterday. We are the future.”

The pair visit Melina’s grave to pay their respects together, and to put the past to rest.

Then they take The Knot out to sea. Haldane glances at Spinalonga and remembers Annika’s comment about it being an island of death.

This is the same general angle, albeit the scene filmed aboard the kaiki on the water.

He whinces in pain (emotional or from the operation is unclear), and the series ends.

The end credits roll over a shot of the kaiki slowly sailing from right to left, then turning to starboard and sailing towards Spinalonga.

And the final scene, taken from the shore under a tree. This is as accurate as I can get with Street View!


Alan HaldaneJack Hedley
Annika ZeferisBetty Arvaniti
Matheos NoukakisTakis Emmanuel
Katerina MatakisPatience Collier
Babis SpiridakisNeil McCarthy
The MajorStefan Gryff
Georgios KaladisLambros Kotsiris
Maria KaladisAnastasia Divoli
DoctorKevork Malikyan
Elena VassilakisMaria Sokali
Nikos VassilakisNikos Verlekis
Alexis VassilakisAlexis Sergis
Production AssistantsAndrew Morgan
Michael McDermott
Production Unit ManagersColin Dudley
Petros Raptis
Costume DesignerTudor George
Make Up ArtistGwen Arthy
Studio LightingBarry Hill
Studio SoundRamon Bailey
Film CameramanMax Samett
Film RecordistArthur Chesterman
Film EditorJames Walker
ComposerYannis Markopoulos
Series CreatorMichael J. Bird
DesignerMyles Lang
ProducerWilliam Slater
(c) BBC Birmingham 1977

I hope you enjoyed this website, and found it interesting, with all the information you were looking for. I certainly am surprised to find just how little things have changed in 44 years. Aside from the developments caused by increased tourism, the locations are by and large still there and the beauty of Crete still intact.