Episode 3 – “The Long Shadow”

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Synopsis: Haldane starts to express some feelings for Annika, but a dirty trick is played when Lorna Matthews, an old flame, pays him a visit.

The episode begins outside the Despina Taverna, just north of Elounda town. Haldane looks to neither be working on the first boat he discussed with Andreas Hadjieleftheris, nor is it the boat that is outside the Taverna Vassilakis.

2 interesting things to note here – the ‘double pier’ that the 2 men are sitting on has since been reconstructed into one large pier, and secondly, there is a name on the box on the boat that Haldane is supposed to be working on. This name is ΓΡΗΓΟΡΗ, which is the Greek name for Gregory. I would love to know whether this is the actual name of the boat Haldane is stood on or next to.

He then returns to his apartment, where the postman hands him some letters. He then goes up the steps alongside the taverna that we’ve seen in every episode.

Annika goes to see Babis to talk about Alan.

Haldane sees Nikos and Elena arguing. The large boat in the foreground is the one you see in many exterior shots of the taverna throughout the series.

The long arrow shows the camera viewpoint of the first longer shot, to the side of the taverna. The circle is where Nikos and Elena are located, and the short arrow is the direction of Nikos’ exit as Haldane passes him in the opposite direction.

Elena is sitting at the water’s edge, upset.

The reverse view shows that this is on the water’s edge in front of taverna.

The steps are there in the following photo found online. Whether they’ve since been built over for the seating area would require a visit to confirm.

Haldane discusses going into Heraklion to see about getting a car and presents his plans for the taverna to Elena. This scene looks to be shot in a studio however. The picture is more crisp, and also that corner of the restaurant behind Elena and Haldane is usually the corner covered by the curtain in the real taverna.

At the same time, Matheos Noukakis drops off a mast for Haldane’s kaiki and also rifles through his post. This sequence was shot in the alleyway beside the taverna.

Haldane hitches a lift from him back to Heraklion.

If we consider this route taken by Matheos supposedly to Heraklion from Elounda (or more importantly, from where the crew stayed in Ayios Nikolaos), we can see that the journey doesn’t take the usual route north-west out of Elounda, through Fourni and Kastelli, to Motorway 90 from there. This time, they’ve joined the motorway further south, well before Limnes, as if they left Ayios Nikolaos westbound and joined from the old road. This also explains why the crew used the stretch of road for the long shot of the pickup driving off into the distance – because it was just after the location of the shot above.

They make their way onto Motorway 90. In the first shot from inside the Toyota’s cabin we see this tree in the background.

In the next scene they pass the Monastery St. Antoniou Fraro, which is visible from the motorway in the Street View below.

The large building in the shot below is on the road parallel to the motorway and immediately after the church in the previous shot. It’s called the Vocational High School of Neapolis. It’s not visible from the motorway now as it’s hidden by trees.

But from the road that the building is on parallel to the motorway, if you move along the road you can just about see the building through the trees.

This is on the E75 between Limnes and Ayios Nikolaos. It’s the only stretch of motorway where the surroundings match, mountains, road layout etc. The trees were the obvious problem in identifying this.

Noukakis goes into the main post office in Heraklion to post a letter to Lorna inviting her over to Crete.

This actually is still the main post office in Heraklion.

If you travel down the same street just clearing the trees you will notice the same building behind Matheos in the above screenshot. This is Heraklion City Courthouse.

Haldane picks up the FIAT from the customs impound near Heraklion port. He drives it out from here (which is the actual customs building). In the background you can see the distinctive Neoria Vechi, a building used by the Venetians to repair their ships, hence its length and height. In the distance, the distinctive building housing cafes, restaurants and a member of Greek Parliament’s offices is visible:

He turns the car around onto the Leoforos Nearchou and heads eastbound, passing the Rocca a Mare Fortress (a 16th Century Venetian Fort) in the background.

He ends up at Annika’s house to give her flowers to say thanks, and to persuade her to help him with the plans.

They try to persuade Nikos back at the taverna with Haldane’s plans.

[Nikos] – “The taverna could become very nice like this”
[Elena] – “Of course. Look, there will be changes but not huge changes, understand?”

They then return to Annika’s house, where Haldane pulls away from a kiss with Annika. He reflects on Melina that night in bed back at the taverna. The below shot is of Kalydon, with the boat outside the taverna in the foreground. Kalydon is of course, the island peninsula adjacent to Elounda which has Spinalonga off it’s north-western coast.

View of Kalydon with boat in front of restaurant in the foreground

The shot above is either from the upstairs of the restaurant, or from Haldane’s rear balcony. A similar view can be seen via Street View, from the Rakomelo Restaurant nearby. The horizon line matches.

Babis goes to see Katerina Matakis at her home, which we now know is the Kremasta Monastery outside Vryses.

Lorna, to Haldane’s surprise, turns up at his door in Elounda, after she’d supposedly received the letter from him, inviting her to Crete.

Annika interrupts a kiss between Haldane and Lorna and storms off. Her car is parked on the quay in front of the taverna.

That evening, Haldane explains the whole story to Lorna, who subsequently visits Annika to tell her the story of trickery that led her to Crete. She also explains how Alan loves her.

Shot from Episode 4 appears here – notice Anthony Viglis’ Beetle parked on the sea front

Haldane is waiting for Lorna to return to the apartment to take her to the airport. After watching her Olympic Airways Boeing 720 depart for London (presumably via Athens), he passes Annika’s brother at the Arrivals baggage claim, where Haldane collected his luggage in the first episode.

The aircraft filmed for this sequence looks to be Boeing Olympic Airways 720-051B SX-DBN “ΝΕΣΤΟΣ” (named after the Nestos River).

Meanwhile, Annika finds out that Matheos booked the flights for Lorna and subsequently dismisses him.

The episode ends with Katerina Matakis telling her son Petros to go up against the Englishman, and “if there is need for it, destroy him”.

The end credits roll over this image.

This was taken from the highest point which you see Elounda from, above Pano (Upper) Elounda. This is near to where the scene of Haldane and Alexi driving to Annikas in episode 7 was shot.


Alan HaldaneJack Hedley
Annika ZeferisBetty Arvaniti
Matheos NoukakisTakis Emmanuel
Katerina MatakisPatience Collier
Lorna MatthewsAnn Lynn
Babis SpiridakisNeil McCarthy
Petros MatakisSteve Plytas
Elena VassilakisMaria Sokali
Nikos VassilakisNikos Verlekis
Production AssistantsAndrew Morgan
Michael McDermott
Production Unit ManagersColin Dudley
Petros Raptis
Costume DesignerTudor George
Make Up ArtistGwen Arthy
Studio LightingBarry Hill
Studio SoundRamon Bailey
Film CameramanMax Samett
Film RecordistArthur Chesterman
Film EditorBill Shapter
ComposerYannis Markopoulos
Series CreatorMichael J. Bird
DesignerMyles Lang
ProducerWilliam Slater
(c) BBC Birmingham 1977