Help me find…

The list below contains the remaining locations left to find – if you can help it would be greatly appreciated!

Locations are grouped by episode and have the approximate time of the scene in question (based on the YouTube episodes), and most also include possible location.

Whilst episode 8 looks as though there are a lot of locations missing, most are in the same location, so once one is found, the rest should be nearby.

Episode 1

The pillbox location. (20:16)

The first taverna that Babis and Haldane dance at and reminisce. This is a taverna on the perimeter of Limni Voulismeni in Ayios Nikolaos. (Agios Nikolaos) (34:21)

Haldane’s hotel room, where he calls his brother from. (44:04)

Episode 2

(Main Location) – The location where Pavlos Makridakis leaves Vraskas to ride to Elounda on his donkey, and all subsequent locations of the scenes of him travelling. (28:21, 35:15, 38:43)

Episode 4

The scene in the hangar at the airport between Viglis and the clerk. (possibly a warehouse at the airport) (1:02)

(Main Location) – The house that Annika grew up in. (Fourni) (12:46)

Episode 5

If possible, a more accurate fix on where Xenophon watches The Knot from a distance. (Elounda, near Despina Taverna) (1:48)

Episode 8

Where Matheos’ brother lives. (Neapolis) (8:49)

Where Matheos and his brother shoot Georgios Kaladis (also where Haldane stops and is given the knife by the mother). (near Kritsa) (30:27)

Where Matheos and his brother are spotted by the 2nd resident and his son. (near Kritsa) (32:01)

The path where Haldane is walking before Matheos spots him. (near Kritsa) (35:28 and 36:18 / 36:29)

Where the Police and the Andartes park up. (near Kritsa) (36:43)

The location where the 2nd resident tells the Police where they are. (near Kritsa) (36:56)

(Main Location) – The cave location where the shootout between Haldane and the Noukakis brothers happens. (near Kritsa) (37:34)

Where the stretchers are brought down. (near Kritsa) (39:48)