Help me find…

The list below contains the remaining locations left to find – if you can help it would be greatly appreciated!

Episode 1

More accurate fix on mountain drive just before Haldane approaches Annika’s house (going round right-hand bend). (7:48)

More accurate fix on mountain drive just before Haldane approaches Kera monastery. (15:15)

The pillbox location and more accurate fix on the headland when he gets back into the car. (South of Agios Nikolaos) (20:16)

The first taverna that Babis and Haldane dance at and reminisce. This is a taverna on the perimeter of Limni Voulismeni, in Ayios Nikolaos. (Agios Nikolaos) (34:21)

Haldane’s hotel room, where he calls his brother from. (44:04)

Episode 2

Confirmation of the location where Jo Hebden visits a souvenir shop, and watches her father talking to some locals at a kafeneio. (6:56)

(Main Location) – The location where Pavlos Makridakis leaves Vraskas to ride to Elounda on his donkey, and all subsequent locations of the scenes of him travelling. (28:21)

Episode 3


Episode 4

The scene in the hangar at the airport between Viglis and the clerk. (possibly a warehouse at the airport) (1:02)

(Main Location) – Where Annika shows Haldane around (alleyways and the house in which she grew up). (Fourni) (12:46)

Episode 5

If possible, a more accurate fix on where Xenophon watches The Knot from a distance. (Elounda, near Despina Taverna) (1:48)

A more accurate fix on the locations used where the Epitafios is being walked around Elounda. It’ll be next to the church somewhere. (Elounda) (21:22)

Episode 6

The cafe they sit at after the doctor’s. (Neapolis) (2:22)

Confirmation of the location the Police Land Rover driving towards Meligala. (near Roussapidia) (41:51)

Episode 7


Episode 8

Where Matheos’ brother lives. (Neapolis) (8:49)

Confirmation of where Babis provides Haldane with a weapon. (near Kritsa) (23:18)

Where Matheos and his brother shoot Georgios Kaladis (also where Haldane stops and is given the knife by the mother). (near Kritsa) (30:27)

Where Matheos and his brother are spotted by the 2nd resident and his son. (near Kritsa) (32:01)

The path where Haldane is walking before Matheos spots him. (near Kritsa) (35:28 and 36:18 / 36:29)

Where the Police and the Andartes park up. (near Kritsa) (36:43)

The location where the 2nd resident tells the Police where they are. (near Kritsa) (36:56)

(Main Location) – The cave location where the shootout between Haldane and the Noukakis brothers happens. (near Kritsa) (37:34)

Where the stretchers are brought down. (near Kritsa) (39:48)