RIP Jack Hedley, 28/10/1929 – 11/12/2021

It is with a heavy heart that I write this latest blog post – Jack Hedley, the principal actor in Who Pays the Ferryman?, has passed away, aged 92, after a short illness. He brought a wonderful depth of character to the role of Alan Haldane, and played him beautifully. His talent will live onContinue reading “RIP Jack Hedley, 28/10/1929 – 11/12/2021”

Funeral procession route found

I have been looking for this location thinking it was near to the cemetery that was used at the end of episode 4. The tree-lined road leading up to the cemetery certainly looked the same. However, none of the mountains in the background matched. At the same time, nothing in Fourni seems to match theContinue reading “Funeral procession route found”

Translations and title captions added

Throughout the series, there are occasions when Greek is spoken, without subtitles. For those of you that may be wondering what has been said, I have translated (or attempted to translate where possible) those particular conversations. These are in the ‘Dialogue’ page in the top menu. At the bottom of that page, I have alsoContinue reading “Translations and title captions added”

All location screen captures & full list of all outstanding locations completed

I have finished documenting every exterior location in the whole series. What this means is that for every exterior scene or location, I have grabbed at least one screen capture and put it on the site, along with text describing the whole story. So now the story is comprehensively told through text and screen capturesContinue reading “All location screen captures & full list of all outstanding locations completed”