Help from the locals

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since my last update, however I have been busy looking for some of the remaining locations, which are a little more difficult to find. The lack of background detail and Google Street View locations is forcing me to use other avenues of research – namely Facebook.

I joined the Neapolis, Kritsa and Ayios Nikolaos Facebook groups and set about putting a single message in the Neapolis group about the doctor’s surgery, and where that might be. A long discussions amongst the locals ensued and in the end, there were 2 concrete locations offered. I haven’t seen one, but the other, near to the public gardens in Neapoli, looks very very similar to the house used in the serial.

Another kind resident of Neapoli messaged me to show some on-location photos he’d taken of his own. These were great, and offered an up-to-date look at some of the places seen in the episodes. He helped me find another possible location for when Haldane is driving up the mountain and performs a right-hand turn just before he gets to the orange grove and Annika’s house. He also suggested that the location for the scene in episode 2 when Hebden is sat talking to the locals about the war (whilst Jo is browsing a souvenir shop opposite) is in Ayios Nikolaos, so I will use Street View to look around all those streets and see if I find a match.

In the meantime, I will also place more messages asking residents of the above towns whether the screenshots I post seem familiar to them – they’ve certainly been helpful thus far!

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