More photos of Miranda Cottage

I’ve found photos of Haldane’s cottage on estate agents Zoe Napier‘s website. The property is called Miranda Cottage, and was last sold in 2020. Description (from Zoe Napier website). BACKGROUND AND HISTORY A charming three-bedroom waterside cottage with a wealth of history and character, dating back to 18th Century, albeit not listed. The property was originally one ofContinue reading “More photos of Miranda Cottage”

Bad news from the BBC written archives

I emailed the BBC’s written archives department in Reading this week to enquire whether I could visit and view any documents related to the series in their archives. I was specifically looking for records of call sheets, filming locations, anything that may have any details that would help in my quest to find the locationsContinue reading “Bad news from the BBC written archives”

Katerina Matakis’ “house” found!

When looking for this location, I found that the town of Neapoli itself was too low against the mountains compared to some of the scenes of the house. However, after finding the right elevation in Street View, I could work out the general area that the crew would’ve filmed from. It was clear that theContinue reading “Katerina Matakis’ “house” found!”

Location where Kingsley / Neve injured found!

At the beginning of episode 6, Haldane and Annika are driving on the Elounda to Fourni road. They find Bernard Kingsley / Duncan Neve lying injured on the floor next to his truck. The road has been found – check out the episode 6 page for more information. I actually found this location completely byContinue reading “Location where Kingsley / Neve injured found!”